Vintage fashion show gives funds to local playgrounds

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Vintage clothing was on display Sunday for the "Somewhere in Time II" fashion show and tea event at the Clay Street auditorium.

Twenty models showed off clothing from different eras and included dresses, wedding gowns and military, sports and band uniforms.

The Tremont Community Organization sponsored the event. It is the second vintage fashion show hosted by the nonprofit organization since the first in 2009.

"The purpose is to raise funds for community projects," Charlie Huntzinger, president of the TCO, said Sunday.

Huntzinger said funds raised at the event will be used to support the local playgrounds, Tremont Free Public Library and other events like the community Easter Egg hunt.

"We're not a wealthy organization but we are very active in trying to fund the needs in the community," Huntzinger said.

The idea of a fashion show was suggested by organization members who have seen the success of other ones in the area, he said.

"It's a good fundraiser, but it's also fun to prepare for," Huntzinger said. "The people who attend really enjoy it."

Many of the items were those club members had kept in their attics or that have been passed down through the family, Huntzinger said. The Tremont Area Historical Society also donated a few items, such as military, baseball and band uniforms.

"There's a lot of interest because there is a lot of history in these items," Cheryl Mack, organization secretary, said.

One of the items on display was the uniform of Leslie Harner, the music teacher and band director of the former Tremont High School, which is now the Clay Street auditorium. The uniform belongs to the Tremont Area Historical Society.

"For those of you who ever attended Tremont High School, you will be familiar with the name Leslie Harner," Mack said. "Mr. Harner was the instrumental music teacher and band director for Tremont High School from 1933 until the school closed in the summer of 1966. In fact, he was the only band director for the Tremont schools as the school board hired him in 1933 to teach music and organize a band."

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NEW state of the art uniforms will better protect our local Fire and Rescue NSW firefighters from heat and flames.

These uniforms were rolled out to Cootamundra firies recently and local brigade captain Les Carr says his men and women are looking forward to wearing the new personal protective clothing which meets new, more stringent Australian standards.

“The new firefighting uniforms provide firefighters with better protection from heat, flames and steam, giving them greater confidence when responding to emergencies, particularly fires in buildings,” Mr Carr said.

The new uniforms have a moisture barrier that previously had not been used by Fire and Rescue NSW. This barrier is designed to prevent steam burns which can occur when firies are working inside buildings. The water used by firefighters can turn to steam and cause severe burns.

“The new uniforms are also microchipped enabling the history of each garment to be tracked and predictions made on when the garments are nearing the end of their life, enabling them to be replaced
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before they become unsafe,” Mr Carr said.

He said the new mustard colour of the clothing will also more clearly show signs of contamination and wear and tear, making it easier to identify when a garment needs to be repaired or replaced.

Each firefighter will receive two sets of the new uniforms and the older uniforms will be collected and offered to firies in developing Pacific Island nations.

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