Thief stole from dying mum

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IS there a more contemptible criminal in St Helens than heartless thief David Lawson?

Lawson provoked outrage last year when he was caught stealing cash from a Salvation Army office in Hammond Street, Parr, narrowly avoiding a jail term.

But a court was told last week how the 42-year-old had sunk to new depths by stealing his terminally ill mother’s wedding and engagement rings to fund his chronic heroin habit.

He was jailed for five-and-a-half years last Friday (June 28) after he admitted breaking into the home of his mother’s 75-year-old neighbour and stealing her mobile phone from her bedside as she slept. He also admitted stealing two handbags from his mother’s carers at Parr Nursing Home.

DC Ian Harrison, of St Helens CID, branded Lawson a callous and “particurly heartless” criminal.

“He stole his mother’s wedding and engagement rings and other sentimental items and sold them to pawn shops to fuel his drug habit,” said DC Harrison.

“In one of his offences he broke into a nursing home in the middle of the night and stole from staff who were caring for the elderly residents.

“David Lawson is a particularly heartless thief whose targets included his terminally ill mother and other elderly women in the St Helens area.

“His jail sentence will make St Helens a safer place and brings to a successful conclusion our efforts to bring this man to justice.”

The court heard how Lawson broke into a pensioner’s sheltered accommodation overnight on February 4 and stole jewellery and a purse containing $400. When the victim woke, she also realised that her mobile phone had been taken from her bedside table.

Just five weeks later, two care assistants were finishing their shifts at Parr Nursing Home when they realised one of their handbags had been taken and the other emptied of its contents.

One of the handbags had contained three rings - worth a combined total of $395 - and more than $80 cash.

Lawson, of no fixed abode, was handed a suspended prison sentence last August after stealing cash and a mobile phone from a Salvation Army office in Parr.

Lawson’s mum passed away after he was remanded in custody for the offence.

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RUSH:  But they're not today.  They're part of it all.  Now they're pushing the government agenda.  They're not calling into question anybody in power today.  Certainly not in the administration.  You're it, in doing it the way you're doing it.

O'KEEFE:  It's definitely a challenge, and I think that goes back to your point before about not wanting to shake things up. It is political.  A lot of it's shared politics and ambition and a pinch of fear.  I think it's also just their hands are tied.  There's forces of conformity and compliance in our society and ever since I was in college I was a disrupter.  You know, kind of in the spirit of, you know, some of these people back in Woodward and Bernstein and Alinsky, you have to be a disrupter, you have to go against the grain, and I don't see today's reporters wanting to fight with those in power.  They almost want to protect them for their source material.

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