The Sperry Top-Sider Color Pack

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It’s Sunday, a day that’s supposed to be devoted to rest and relaxation. Hopefully, you’re doing a little bit of both today. And hopefully, you don’t have to strap on your Nikes or Reeboks or Converses and go running all over God’s green earth in pursuit of, well, anything. If you’re like us, you’re kicking back with a cold one today, enjoying the nice summer breeze, and letting all your worries drift away. And if you’re really like us, you’re doing it in a pair of Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes, which are pretty much designed to be worn on Sundays. But if you’re not, don’t worry. Now is the perfect time to cop a pair, because Sperry is doing something that they’ve never done before.

For the first time ever,replica shoes web Sperry is allowing you to customize your Top-Sider boat shoes. That’s right. You’ll no longer be restricted to the navy blues, greys, and browns that have become the staple colors for Top-Sider boat shoes. Instead, Sperry just launched the Sperry Top-Sider Color Pack, which features eight different colorways with each one looking brighter than the last one. And they didn’t stop there. Sperry also created 21 different lace sets for their new Color Pack, meaning you can customize your boat shoes any way you want. It’s the first time Sperry has done this.The latest trends and best prices on Michael Kors Bags 2013. But it’s a great idea for them to go in this direction.Discover the largest collection of cheap Michael Kors Handbags . It makes their boat shoes more accessible than ever.

Take a look at some of the color combinations that are available now in the photos below. Sperry has allowed for you to customize your boat shoes to be just about any color in the world now. Do you think it was a good idea for them to take that approach with their boat shoes? Do you like the look of the shoes featured in the Color Pack? And which pair is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. Oh, and if you’re interested in doing at least one productive thing today, place an order for a pair of these boat shoes. They’re available through Sperry retailers for just $85. Not bad, right?

The Shelbyville Police Department is investigating two jewelry store robberies that occurred within a week of each other.

Police say Sanders Jewelry Store at 16 S. Harrison St was broke into on July 13. The store was also vandalized.

Friday,There are numerous diversified high heels at christian louboutin shoes for sale. items were stolen from Connor's Jewelry Store at 203 S. Harrison St. Our partners at the Shelbyville News report the suspects smashed the display window and removed the showcased jewelry items behind it.

Officials say it is not the first time the store has been broken into, although it's been more than three decades since the last break-in.

Anyone with information on these robberies is asked to call the Shelbyville Police Department.

The question then remains, who will replace Bushrod?

At present, there are three likely candidates to fill that void. Entering his fourth year, Charles Brown has been with the Saints the longest and has shown promise. Last year, he was able to get some time at the right tackle position and performed well. The main issue with Brown is that he has suffered injuries throughout his career. If Brown continues to have lingering injuries,There are numerous diversified high heels at christian louboutin shoes for sale. don’t expect the Saints to wait around. Protecting Brees is of the utmost importance.

Another potential candidate to replace Bushrod is Jason Smith. Originally drafted second overall by the St. Louis Rams in the 2009 NFL Draft, Smith suffered a concussion in November of that year and missed the remainder of the season. Smith was then traded to the New York Jets in 2012 and released at the end of last season. Coming to New Orleans could be an opportunity for Smith to rejuvenate himself and find success.

The third candidate and least likely to take over the position full time is rookie Terron Armstead. Armstead impressed at the combine and definitely has the skills and talent necessary, but he is a rookie with no NFL experience. It’s likely the Saints will use him only in a limited capacity so that he can gain experience and learn the Saint’s system.

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