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The next five months are going to be the toughest in Botswana's post-2008 era. Water rationing is upon us, a creepy signal that we are in a crisis. We don't have water and this has serious implications. First, we are going to have a serious shortage of milk because of the dry spell that has left us with very limited choices. Since beer prices have been hiked several times in recent months, many people have resorted to drinking tea. All of a sudden, tea is going to be an expensive commodity in the next few weeks.Everything has become so expensive that even going to the bathroom in a friend's house will soon be charged for. We should learn to limit our visits to friends and relatives in the coming months or else we will have to contribute something to their pockets. Can you imagine - you have saved water in your last two buckets - one for yourself, the other for your children, preserved for the coming two days or more, before water flows your way.Tote everyday essential items in style by accessorizing with a Michael Kors Tote Bags or tote bag. And then from nowhere comes an army of so-called friends invading your lounge. Hell!Some of them do not have ditlhong, they visit with their kids, moms and even distant relatives. First they ask for your last drop to drink. 'Ke kopa metsi a a nowang foo' they start. The next thing they want to visit your loo. He banna! You are caught between a rock and a hard place - having to save this friendship and having to save your water to be able to respond when nature calls.

I recommend that friends should visit for only 20 minutes and leave, or they should pay for the loo.The next five months are going to be challenging indeed. We will have to come up with new ways of doing things.People have to carry with them sekupunyana/skoop in the boot. Another alternative can be these dikupu normally used by soldiers in combat, field trips or during training. Even a flask will ease the situation. For women its simple, they just put the flask or the skoop in their handbags.Maybe we should also find a way of making sure that the few drops left in our dams and reservoirs are enough for us all. We should put our security agents at all our entry points - border-gates and the airport.

Every visitor should produce at-least five litre-sekupu and show it to the agents - this is for those visiting for two days only.Another alternative can be that we put a condition that visitors coming to spend more than a week in our beautiful country bring with them a 25-litre container. We should explain to them that we have no choice but to do it. Let us review our Visa application forms to include a clause that makes it compulsory to bring water when you visit this country. It's simple, we don't have water, and water is a security issue.As we move forward, and there is no improvement we can then find excuses to deport more of these guys.Shop the latest collection of Michael Kors 2013 from the most popular stores. Hei. They should leave us alone in our dry country. We cannot afford to share the little water with people who have a choice of going home when things get even worse. No!We should also deploy security agents in conferences, who should monitor the number of times people visit the bathrooms at events where large crowds are converging.

For instance, if there is an event at some Convention Centre, our agents should distribute toilet coupons and make sure that no individual exceeds their limit/quota. If they do exceed, its up to them, they will see what to do with whatever will be troubling them at that point in time. It will irresponsible for any individual to exceed their quotas when they know the what we are facing as a nation, ke mathata.The last but not least, Water Useless Corporation (WUC) should allow us to drill water from our homesteads, since they resolved to close all boreholes on the grounds that it was expensive to operate them (boreholes).It was only a few months ago when they took over as solo suppliers of water in the country, and they closed our boreholes.Instead of harassing Basarwa, maybe we should engage them to share skills on how to survive for days without a drop of water. We should get skills on how to draw water from anything, ranging from wild fruits, tree trunks to a rock.

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