Sharon co-owned a ladies retail shop in the mid-1990s

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New, downtown boutique reminds shoppers of simpler times

Sharon Ricker’s new, primitive décor boutique brings the charm of the country to downtown Rogersville.

     Locals and visitors are invited to explore the warm, fragrant store brimming with primitive woodcrafts

“I have bought these types of products for several years for my own home,” says Sharon. “I became frustrated when shopping because I was forced to visit multiple, out-of-town stores to find the perfect items. I decided to open a store where customers could find what they needed at one, local shop.”

“I chose the location because I felt that my store fit in well with the historic significance of downtown Rogersville and with the neighboring shops,” says Sharon. “The primitive and country merchandise I sell is associated with the simple times in life, so I chose the name ‘Simply Country.’”

Sharon co-owned a ladies retail shop in the mid-1990s and says that Simply Country is similar because the merchandise appeals mostly to ladies who decorate with country or primitive décor and those who wish to purchase a gift items. The shop is unique to others of its kind because it features locally handmade woodcrafts and furniture. So far, candles, flags, pottery, rugs, pillows, stars, and dolls have been the shop’s best-sellers.

“We always try to make sure our customers have a pleasant experience when visiting our shop,” says Sharon. “We appreciate the support of the community and look forward to meeting our future customers.”

Letters of appreciation were conveyed through Michel Z, liaison officer at the American Consulate in Dubai.

Colonel Khaled Saleh Al Kwari, acting director of the department spoke about the Dubai Police’s cooperation under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior.

In the first operation, the Dubai Police helped in foiling an attempt by a Nigerian woman to smuggle cocaine worth Dh3,500,000 on April 10. She was heading to Lagos. She was caught by the authorities at Lagos Airport after officials found the quantities hidden in bags and three notebook devices.Shop the latest collection of Michael Kors 2013 from the most popular stores.

The Dubai Police also helped thwart two other attempts in which a South African woman and a Filipino attempted to smuggle 3kg of cocaine each. The South African woman tried to smuggle the drug from Cape Town airport but was arrested along with two other accomplices, according to the letter. The Filipino who was on his way to Malaysia hid 3kg of cocaine in wallpaper rolls. He was planning to hand over the drug to an African, but he was arrested by Malaysian authorities based on the information provided by the Dubai Police, and the cocaine was seized.

Also, the police have arrested a Guinean national at Dakar airport while he was attempting to smuggle 2kg of cocaine in his stomach.

In the last operation, Malaysian authorities arrested a woman from Thailand who was heading to Singapore after they raided her room in a hotel in Kuala Lampur. The woman had swallowed 200 grams of  cocaine. The police also arrested her accomplice, a Guinean who was in the room, and seized 146 grams of cocaine which was found in his possession.

Al Kwari stressed on the clear vision of the UAE Ministry of Interior pertaining to combating organised crimes including drug trafficking.


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