Katie Holmes Has Taken Up Baking Pies, Names Blueberry Her Specialty

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Naomi Watts is happy to be back in New York after spending time in L.A. recently. “Once you’ve lived in New York, it’s not that easy to get used to L.A. again,” the actress said at the High Line summer party on Tuesday. “You miss that contact with people—you need that street life,” Watts added. “And the ample challenges that come with being on the streets in New York City on a daily basis, I think they’re good for the soul,” she said, laughing.

The summer party on the celebrated elevated park has become a tradition over the past three years. Coach, the event’s host, recently donated $5 million to the High Line, and the company’s future headquarters will be adjacent to the span.

The party’s carnival theme included a fortune teller, acrobats and jugglers, and waiters in straw boaters served American fare like hot dogs, pulled pork sliders, candy canes, Necco Wafers, and boxes of Cracker Jack. Winning chips from the carnival games were traded for Coach leather goods, including handbags, wallets and key fobs.

Over at the dunk tank, guests hit a target with a baseball, which set off a lever plopping one of several shirtless male models into the water. Revenge star Josh Bowman and his friends tried, but failed. A woman stepped up next and hit the target, dunking the dude, and a laughing Bowman congratulated her.

With the warm weather (finally) here, some partygoers talked up their summertime pursuits.

It seems Daniel Grayson’s portrayer has developed a yen for gardening. “I have a little porch outside my house in Los Angeles, and I have this jasmine plant,” Bowman told VF Daily “It’s about four-foot by four-foot, and I’ve had it for about a year, and the fucker hasn’t bloomed yet, right? So I think it’s got a disease, I’ve been back to the store—I took photos of the plant, took it to the store I bought it from and said, What’s up with it? They said You need to go and spray it with this. They gave me some sort of medicine for the plant.” And? “Came back from holiday last week, it’s blooming!” he said, beaming with pride. “I was very happy.”

Zachary Quinto likes to run when the weather is balmy, but others have much more sensible summer pursuits. “I like making pies in the summer,” Katie Holmes says. Blueberry, the quintessential summer fruit, is her specialty.

“I like to drink margaritas,” Nashville star Connie Britton volunteered. “I think that’s a really important pursuit of the summer, I’m just saying.”

A series of profit warnings followed. As one fashion editor said: 'Funnily enough, women who buy Mulberry don't want to be thought of as women who spend crazy amounts on bags. So even those who could afford them were put off by the snootier pricing.'

The City has taken a dim view of Hill's departure. The response of Luca Solca, managing director of luxury at investment company Exane BNP Paribas, is typical: 'Mulberry is trying to reposition itself to the high end Mulberry in my view should be cheaper than Burberry and Gucci.

'There is little choice for handbags between $250 and $600. Market results indicate that Mulberry's upmarket ambitions are facing hurdles.'

In other words, Mulberry's price inflation is greed rather than good sense. No one thinks of it in the Prada or Hermes league - its appeal is something else altogether - and many think it unlikely that it ever will.

Mulberry's results today are forecast to see it report a 28 per cent drop in profits. And the share price that once reached $25 now stands at $9.40.

'Warm and fuzzy' are no longer the buzzwords at Mulberry. Let's hope a Parisian snob hasn't killed off the bags of fun.

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