How to Dress for Spring

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As the sun begins to grace us with its presence and blossoms decorate the long-bare branches of trees, it's time to strip off those heavy dark coats and clunky boots and embrace the feel of spring. It's fresh, flirty, and full of color and patterns sure to make us all feel fun and trendy. Here are this season's trends and tips from Neiman Marcus's fashion director Ken Downing, plus our top local picks for giving your wardrobe a jolt as the weather warms up.

Relaxed Chic
If there's one trend that embraces the essence of spring, it's relaxed chic. According to Downing, this “shift in silhouette is the overwhelming message that every designer delivered this season.” How to achieve it? Start with relaxed pants, which are an easy building block. Add a bomber or motorcycle jacket and you're set go!

Try this look from Oakland designer Ali Golden. These lightweight, relaxed pants and a cropped jacket create a look that is effortless, chic, and perfect for spring.

Orange as Neutral
Warm and bright, orange is the perfect base for any outfit this spring. Pair it with different colors and textures to tone it down, or go all out in a head-to-toe orange ensemble. Either way, you're bound to look as fresh as a bright spring morning.

Cool Blues
“In every shade, in every hue, blues are cool,” Downing says. “And the color for spring.” Make a statement with a pop of cobalt, or keep it sweet with aqua and pastels. The perfect spring color, blue can be bright or neutral, and worn in any number of ways. And don't forget to pair it with spring's other neutral: “orange accents and accessories make sun faded shades chic,” says Downing.

To keep with the relaxed chic, try this bright cobalt button up by Amour Vert.
Or go flirty with a classic spring dress.

Print Mania
Prints and patterns are still the hot this spring, and range from watercolor and digital prints to florals and stripes. Wear a print dress alone, or step up your game by mixing and matching. “A collage of prints makes for a masterful mix,” Downing says.

Take a cue from designer Megan Park—color, shape, texture, and patterns can all be mixed to create a captivating look.

Or go simple and bold with this flirty denim dress from Ali Golden.

The season's it colors are also being incorporated into patterns, like in this Amour Vert tunic.

Warm Weather Leather
Toughen up your flirty, relaxed look with some cool leather. According to Downing, no spring outfit is complete without a motorcycle jacket, but be adventurous and try your leather other ways, too. Vests, skirts, and pants are all hot right now.

Or try Free People's take on warm-weather leather with this combo dress. Cute and tough!

High-Voltage Handbags
When it comes to color this season, don't stop at the clothing. Powerfully colored handbags are all the rage, and the perfect addition to every outfit. “Shape is superfluous; Color is the catalyst,” Downing says. “A women's spring wardrobe gets a jolt when she carries a high-voltage color in her hand.”

These locally made, chic clutches by Shawn Burke Ltd. add the perfect accent to any outfit. Made with thick, bright suede, the cobalt blue and orange fit perfectly into this season's wardrobe.

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