Halloween is Right Around the Corner

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Halloween is just around the corner and some trick-or-treaters already have their costumes and candy ready to go. 5 News visited the Spirit Halloween Store Sunday at the Meadowbrook Mall to see how many of people are ready for the night.

The store opened in September and employees said it's been packed almost everyday. Sunday, tons of people were shopping for their costumes and decorations for their homes.

"It's fun to wear your costumes to school and see what all your friends are wearing and the Halloween dance is always a lot of fun," said Corrine McDaniel, Philippi Resident.

Employees said that the newest craze for children is Monster High while the adults usually stick with the classics.

"I'm going to be Loopy Loola, these crazy monsters," said Jazmine Capicola, Helper.

Some folks said they were ready for Halloween while others said they still have a lot to do for it.

"Oh yeah, I'm always ready for it. I'll probably bring Michael Myers back out," said Danny Spitznogle, Fairmont Resident.

"I'm not ready for it. I wish it would slow down for a minute because I'm not quite prepared," said Landon Johnson, Harrison County Resident.

And others just don't even sweat it, they plan way in advance,

"It's like the best holiday ever. We're excited. We planned it since last Halloween what we were going to be. Yeah, I've known I've wanted to be an angel since last year," said some Buckhannon Residents.

Halloween can be a fund day for everyone. Kids get to indulge in candy while adults get to step out of their work shoes.

"It's my favorite holiday. I don't know why, it's just fun to scare everybody," said  Breanna Unger, Buckhannon Resident.

"I like Spirit because I'm in to tricking and scaring people. I like that," said Danny Spitznogle.

Everyone has their specific reason for loving Halloween and there are plenty of first Halloween's out there this year.

"I like Halloween this year. I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to take my daughter trick-or-treating," said Landon Johnson.

Employees said it's great because this company doesn't forget about those less fortunate. They have a fundraiser for the WVU Children's Hospital every year called Spirited Children.

"We give them a big check, a Halloween party so it's good for the kids. It's amazing the amount  of people donate. It's really good to see people helping them out," said Ryan McDonale, Employee.

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