Big Brother Africa: The Cupid Edition

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I am sick and tired of having people come to my desk and ask me why this edition of Big Brother Africa (BBA) features a lot of good-looking people. In fact, it is more the guys than the ladies who are happy with the outcome of this year’s auditions.

There is so much eye-candy one could go blind in a week. In fact, the contestants are so spoilt for choice they could even afford to evict the beautiful Huddah after a week’s stay in the house. And that’s unheard of!

BBA loyalists will know that over the years the good-looking contestants have made it through the three months just so that there was some form of entertainment in the confined space the players were locked up in.

But with everyone looking as if they stepped off a catwalk, there is really no demand for otherwise hot chicks like Huddah, so she got the boot. Imagine those former contestants who stayed in the barn years ago. Imagine how they would have preyed on the Kenyan beauty as the chicken and the goat watched.

For the next three months we are going to look at Big Brother Africa once a week and assess the progress of the show in this column. We will call it the Cupid Edition for that obvious reason. This was a match-making exercise that has already garnered good results for the show.

Honestly, how do you have 28 young and attractive people live together in a locked up space for 91 days and expect nothing to happen?


Two people have been casualties so far and these were Uganda’s Denzel and Kenya’s Huddah. While he was a favourite among the ladies, contestants felt Denzel was a strong player who probably tried a little too hard to impress everyone.

If he wasn’t giving massages to the ladies he was sucking toes, and all this in one week. But all that “niceness” could not save him.

“It is disappointing and I am still coming to grips with it,” said Denzel just after leaving the house.

“Having been stronger personalities, who were not responding to all the jokes or worshipping anyone, I can understand why Huddah and I got the chop,” he concluded.

The Kenyan model agreed with him, saying she saw her eviction coming from a mile away.

“Look, a lot of women watch this show across Africa, more than men, so I think some of the things I did in the house did not sit well with them,” she said.

“For example, I had never worn a bikini and walked around people, but when I got into the house I thought, why not? Some people may have found that tasteless.

“I am also an assertive person who says what’s on her mind, so I don’t back down. These traits are unattractive in a game like this.”

Now we wait to see what becomes of these two.


According to some of the contestants, there isn’t as much booze in the house and that is a good thing. After all the fights we have seen over the years there is a need to keep the contestants off the booze at times and busy with other things. Well done, Big Brother Africa. As a matter of fact, why don’t you make them earn it?


What was really up with Bolt entering the house with a wedding band on, only to remove it and claim he wasn’t married? And now he is smooching the living daylights out of Betty. This is another Prezzo and Goldie situation and a lot of people are hooked on this story arc. Here’s hoping they are not split up, otherwise it would really be funny.


Dillish, Feza, Koketso, LK4 and Hakeem are on the eviction block and two people might leave if Biggie is not feeling up to some twists and turns. Hakeem, although he has been a hit with the ladies, might lose out since he is not playing the game anymore.

Since being moved from his love interest Cleo, he is being a child about it by sulking. Dude, man up, or you’ll be seeing her from a TV back home.


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