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ALMOST everyone would certainly know how to shop for a bag. Ask any one person you encounter in a fashion boutique regarding it, and he or she will be able to rattle off a string of qualities that they look for in bags.In our Michael Kors handbags outlet shop, cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet hot sale at an affordable price.

From the silhouette and size, to the material and make, we can be as discerning as possible when purchasing bags. Taking care of the bags, however, is a different thing altogether.

The norm would be to put the bags through immeasurable wear and tear, then toss them aside in the closet – out of sight – when they are no longer deemed fit for public appearance.

Nevertheless, there are services available which can help restore your well-worn bags to their former glory. Professional bag cleaning services are not so uncommon – it is just that people in general are not aware of them.

BagsCouture Cleaniq, for example, offers services to clean and repair bags. Founded by siblings Maggie and Malcolm Loke, the business looks to help the fashion-conscious extend the life of their prized fashion accessories.

“What we observed is that most people are adept at buying bags, but unfortunately, they don’t really know how to take care of them,” says Maggie, at her outlet in Hock Choon, Ampang, Selangor.

Maggie and Malcolm love bags themselves and it is this passion that has driven them to start the business in the first place.

“While we offer the services in cleaning and restoring bags, we also always try to educate our customers on how to take care of their bags. Educating the public – I think that’s important. There’s a whole lot more to loving bags than just purchasing them,” says Malcolm.

With BagsCouture Cleaniq, a customer can get surface dirt and deep-set stains removed from their bags, as well as have them disinfected for odour and mould removal. More than that, minor repairs can be made too – and this leads to having your bag look almost brand new.

According to Maggie, leather bags can also be recoloured if a customer sees the need for it.

“If you notice that the colour of your bag has begun to fade, send it to us and we can restore its colour. We can also have the colour changed for you, but this involves a more complicated process and hence costs more,” she explains.

Both Maggie and Malcolm are certified in their trade, especially when it comes to matters of leather care. They received their training in repair and restoration of leather goods from LTT Leathercare in London.

LTT Leathercare is considered one of the leading leather care consultants in Britain. In this regard, it provides training to the industry together with professional products for leather care.

When asked about the price of their services, Malcolm answers: “Cleaning is priced from RM150, and colouring ranges from RM500 to over RM1,000, depending on the size of the bag.”

If you send your bag in for cleaning, the turnaround time is usually about seven to 10 days. More than that – either with repairs or colourings – it takes three to four weeks,” he adds.

There are also other professional bag cleaning services that one can frequent in the city. There’s MyBagSpa, which has multiple outlets located in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, the Gardens Mall, Bangsar Shopping Centre and 1 Utama Shopping Centre in the Klang Valley.

A quick check at one of the MyBagSpa outlets reveals that their services are priced from RM180 for cleaning and RM400 to RM800 for colouring. Their turnaround time is from two to three weeks for cleaning and two to three months for colouring.

Aside from that, a bag owner can have their bags sent back to the brand which they purchased from to get it serviced. Shannen Lau, assistant division manager for Club Twenty-One Retail Malaysia confirms this.

She says that the various brands under her care do provide basic aftercare service, but these differ accordingly.

“For Mulberry, we have a one-year warranty and it includes exterior and interior cleaning, leather polishing, strap fixing and replacement of hardware. Other brands like Balenciaga, for instance, also provides a similar service.”

Nevertheless, Lau encourages a person to return to the respective brands for the servicing of their bags.Buy Michael Kors Handbags from our Michael Kors outlet Store, the best place to get discount Michael Kors sale.

She notes: “When it concerns specific problems like hardware replacement, it’s best to return to the brand. Commercial centres may not have the required hardware – say, in replacing missing metal studs – for specific bags.”

With all that said, it shows that a bag owner does have options when it comes to reversing the effects of daily wear. Rightly so, for designer handbags can cost up to several thousands of dollars these days and it is only wise that a person takes the necessary steps to really take care of their much cherished (read: valuable and expensive) fashion accessory.

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