Armeny Custom Jewelry Design

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Armeny Custom Jewelry Design

All Farmington High School girls in the Class of 2013 received something special besides their diplomas at their commencement ceremony.

“We gave to all the graduating girls a pair of pearl earrings,” said Hasmik Semerjian, whose brother, Armen Manukyan owns Armeny Custom Jewelry Design in West Hartford Center.

Semerjian said that her brother came up with the idea to give the girls “a good memory of their little Farmington hometown.”

This marked the third year the jewelry store has done so.

This year,Discover the largest collection of gucci handbags for women. the jewelry store gave out 153 pairs of simple, classic Hawaiian fresh water pearl earrings in lavender, white and peach shades. It was particularly significant to her this time because Semerjian’s daughter, Ani was one of the graduates. Ani, who helps out as needed at the jewelry store, is headed to Northeastern University in the fall.

“It was a little more special because she was graduating,” she said.

Semerjian and Manukyan came to the United States from Armenia, where Manukyan first became a jeweler and studied engineering. He has been designing jewelry for 20 years. He opened his West Hartford store in 2009. His engineering background comes into play when he designs the jewelry. While he has a traditional style, he uses computer-generated pictures to plan his designs.

Semerjian said she and her family have lived in Farmington since 1997.

Korean actor Lee Jong-suk’s ear piercing jewelry has been auctioned off at a high price.

Lee had put out the jewelry for a charity auction where stars put out their cherished goods and it was bought for 1.4 million won (over 1,000 U.S dollars), an official with the auction’s host broadcaster SBS told TenAsia over the phone on Monday.

Lee had worn the jewelry for his ear piercing while filming his previous hit drama “Secret Garden” with actor Hyun Bin and actress Ha Ji-won in late 2010 to early 2011.

The official said that they will put up more of Lee’s goods at the auction, including his diary and a teddy bear from his current hit drama “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

Lee currently stars in SBS’s Wednesday and Thursday series “I Can Hear Your Voice” with actress Lee Bo-young and actor Yoon Sang-hyun.

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